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Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with C

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Callens, Augustijn Gommaar (ABT 1876-AFT 1938)
Callens, Frans (ABT 1911-)
Callens, Marcel (ABT 1908-)
Calluy, Petrus Antonius (ABT 1781-)
Calluy, Philippus (02 JUN 1819-)
Carsauw, Sophia Constantia (ABT 1845-)
Coeckelbergh, Egidius (-)
Coeckelbergh, Guillielmus (-)
Coeckelbergh, Guillielmus (-AFT 1824)
Coeckelbergh, Maria Catharina (-23 SEP 1808)
Coeckelbergh, Maria Theresia (-1828)
Copers, Jan Baptist (ABT 1855-)
Copers, Pieter (ABT 1851-)
Cortebeeck, Maria Theresia (ABT 1802-)
Coveliers, Joanna Catharina (ABT 1863-)